Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Unique Mothers Day Gifts & Baskets She’ll Remember


Everyone has heard the jokes: moms hoarding a stockpile of the same Mother’s Day gifts from forgetful kids, mothers with 12 bottles of the same perfume, and 10 pairs of the same slippers. This year, give her something to brag about. By taking some time to explore your options, the special mom (or moms) in your life can receive the kind of gift that will warm her heart and show her how much you care for and appreciate her. Check out these suggestions to make your mother’s gift the one she’ll be hoping you repeat next year!

A Mothers Day gift basket can encompass all of the things a mother loves. Whether it be chocolate cookies sure to tickle her taste buds, gardening supplies to get her green thumb itching or the peaceful bath supplies to soak all her cares away.

Great Mothers Day gifts don’t normally include such fun things as books of jokes, a basket of her favorite (but forbidden!) comfort foods, or a pair of tickets to that rock band she doesn’t admit to loving but rocks out to in the car, however, this can let mom know how much effort you put into scoping out the right gift.

Or, you could let your mom know that you haven’t forgotten all the effort she put into raising you, and give her a handmade and heart-felt gift to remind her of when you were still cute and did as you were told! When is the last time she got a card decorated with glitter and macaroni, or a collection of pretty rocks you looked all morning to find? We suggest you pair that with something a little finer, like a gift certificate to her favorite store, or a pass to a day at the spa, but reminders like that can warm a mom’s heart as much as an expensive present.

Remember, every mother is different, and the things that make your mom so amazing are the things you should take into account when picking the right gift. For example, if you go with an inexpensive Mother’s Day Gift Basket, take into account her personal likes and dislikes. You might not want to buy the mother of your children the same gift basket as you do the woman who changed your diapers. Does your special-mother like to be surrounded by signs of motherhood, or would she appreciate a basket full of treats and sweets made to remind her that she’s a beautiful lady, too?

Finally, while gifts don’t have to be things she needs around the house, consider your mom’s current situation! Is she always complaining about clutter? If so, a basket full of chocolates or cookies (which are loved, eaten, and gone) may be a better idea than a basket of gardening supplies (which might only add to her clutter level!). There are countless reasons for loving the moms in your life; with a little extra effort, you can find the perfect gift to say it.

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