Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mother's Day Gift Baskets

(source: Kevin Stith)

You can never go wrong with a gift basket. It is a great idea for Mother’s Day, as you can fill it up with a number of things that your mom loves. She will love to get a number of little things, and you can give her a lot more than the standard flowers and candy.

It is easy to decorate a gift basket. First, you need to pick the basket itself. It can be a wicker basket, a plastic basket, a bowl made of earthenware, porcelain bowls—basically any container that is big enough to hold everything you want to give your mom. You will need something to decorate it with (streamers, glitter, etc), a transparent sheet to cover the basket, and some ribbon to tie around the top of the sheet.

As for the contents, you can put just about anything in the gift basket. Chocolates are most common. You can also put in candy, cookies, and cakes in with the chocolates. Or, you could also give her a basket with different types of teas and coffees.

Another favorite with mothers are bath products like salts, oils, bath foams and gels, brushes, and sponges. You could also fill the basket up with candles, candleholders, incense sticks, scents, potpourri, and perhaps even a potpourri burner. Or, you could go with different types of beauty products and makeup.

Stationery is also a good idea. You can fill the gift basket with pen, paper, envelopes, and writing pads. You can also fill the basket with your mom’s favorite music and movies.

If your mom likes gardening, you can put seeds, books, tools, and a pair of gloves in the basket. Or, if your mom is a kitchen whiz, you can fill the basket with oven mitts, wooden spoons, whisks, a set of knives, recipes, etc. If she likes to sew or knit, you can get her a basket full of thread, spools, wool, and needles. The possibilities for a creative and thoughtful basket are endless.

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