Friday, January 2, 2009

How To Decorate Valentine Cookies

(Source: EHow)

Step1: Decide on your cookie recipe first. Sugar and chocolate chip cookies are popular choices.

Step2: Make your valentine cookies in the shape of hearts. Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to make individual cookies, or bake the whole batch in a heart-shaped cake pan. You might also want to try using heart-shaped muffin tins.

Step3: Mix up some thick icings in pink, red, and white, and use a pastry bag to decorate the edges of the cookies with scallops, swirls and other designs. You might wish to ice all the cookies in white or pink first as a background.

Step4: Use your pastry bag or some store-bought tubes of cake icing to write Valentine messages on the cookies. "Happy Valentine's Day," "Be Mine," "I'm Sweet on You," and "Cutie" will work, depending on the size of your cookies.

Step5: Personalize the valentines cookies by writing the name of each child in a classroom on each one, for example.

Step6: Draw some hearts with icing, or place some small Valentine chocolate or conversation hearts on top of the icing.

Step7: Wait for the icing to dry.

Step8: Package your valentines cookies in small, heart-covered cellophane party favor bags, and tie a piece of lace or pink or red ribbon around the neck of the bag. You can also use clear sandwich bags decorated with stickers.

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