Monday, November 17, 2008

Corporate Holiday Gifts

A lot of businesses love to give holiday gifts to their employees as a way of saying thank you. Some corporate holiday gifts include bonus checks, gift baskets with expensive items (such as quality champagne) or a selection of gift certificates from popular restaurants and other establishments. Giving corporate gifts is a way of showing your employees that you appreciate all the hard work they put in to your company each day.

You can give different corporate holiday gifts to different people. You may not know some of your employees as well as others. In this case, giving them a bonus check or a selection of gift certificates may be your best bet. However, someone like your secretary may deserve a more personal gift, because they are the ones who are closest to you. In this case, a more personal gift will be meaningful, because it shows that you truly do appreciate them.

Also, don’t feel as if you need to spend the same amount of money on all your employees. If you decide to give bonus checks for your corporate gift, you can calculate the amount based on how much an employee earns. The same rule applies when you give gift certificates.

What do you do if your holiday gift budget is pretty low? Then something like a gift basket is a great option. You can have some of your employees put them together to save money, or you can just pick inexpensive items to go in the baskets. You can also have an office-wide holiday party and offer drawings for a few expensive items and give everyone a smaller, token gift.
When it comes to giving corporate holiday gifts, the main point is that people like to feel that the company appreciates their hard work. Stay within budget and be as generous as possible. This will help make your corporate holiday gift-giving efforts a success.

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